Clogged Kitchen Drains

A clogged kitchen drains in Nanaimo will make you stop everything you need to do, you will check your disposer …grab a plunger and start the lengthy process of trying to unclog the kitchen drains. A build up of waste can form over time in kitchen sink drains from grease, or rice that has expanded and become stuck in the drain, or from other food waste products. The owner of this Nanaimo home called to say the kitchen sink was not draining at all. They also said the water was draining very slow the night before…

What we found:

When we arrived to look at their kitchen sink in Nanaimo, a build-up had formed so solid that it blocked and sealed off the drain. The water had nowhere to go. We showed the owner what the problem was and unclogged the drain with special plumbing tools. The owner was very happy we fixed the kitchen sink and they did not have to go to bed worrying about what may happen overnight.

Clogged kitchen drains in Nanaimo can cause:

  • Slow draining water in your sink
  • A back up of water in your sink
  • A pool of water under the sink or on the floor
  • A rotten food smell from the kitchen sink drain or waste disposal unit

The most important thing to do is call us right away. When a clogged drain is not looked after, a backup can turn to a more serious problem caused by pressure in the pipes. Water will always find a way to flow out and you do not want to wake up to a flood.

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