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Clogged Kitchen Sink
NANAIMO, Parksville and surrounding area

We provide full-service drain and sewer cleaning to a wide variety of clientele in our service areas.

We specialize in helping drains flow.

Providing quick, affordable and reliable solutions for sewer and septic issues for residential and commercial properties.

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    Get Drain and Sewer Cleaning Services from Us

    Our drain and sewer cleaning service is considered the best in town. We assure our clients that we can deliver stunning and excellent drain and sewer cleaning services to optimize our client’s safety and comfort. There are many people who prefer to choose our drain and sewer cleaning services.

    Benefits that you can acquire if you will choose our drain and sewer cleaning services are listed below:

    • It can make your plumbing system more efficient 
    • Avoid the formation of harmful bacteria in your home’s drainage and sewer
    • It is less expensive than getting a new drain and sewer system

    What our clients say

    Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say!

    The prompt reply and the professional work followed, saved my house from flooding. In addition to the professional workmanship John G. Plumbing Inc. is reliable, friendly, achievable and trustworthy.

    Josh came in and did a great job, keeping the budget where I had expected it to be.

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    Why get drain and sewer cleaning services?

    Do it – Before it is too late

    There’s a reason why we advise people to hire drain and
    sewer cleaning services before it’s too late.
    We advise immediately after you notice something unusual with your sewer or drains call out a professional who can tackle the problem while it is still manageable.

    For us it means, less work, and for you means less expense for drain and sewer cleaning service. However, failure to realize the danger and not getting drain and sewer cleaning services immediately might lead you to spend a large amount of money.

    That is why it is essential that you hire professional drain and sewer cleaning services to so that the drains and sewer system of your home or office is well maintained.

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