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When the piping system is getting worn out there would be small drippings or maybe unexplained pipe-bursts. In such cases, it is recommended to change the system.

Low water pressure and leaking may be the result of existing old piping. There are also other indicators, such as slight water discoloration or corrosion with your pipes, resulting in broken pipes.



The acidic water supply of produces a corrosion on copper pipes.

Corrosion by definition means an attack on a material, usually by some chemical or electrochemical means. It causes thinning of pipe walls or the formation of a precipitate on pipe walls.

Corrosion leads to two different kinds of problems: kills the pipe and/or changes the water quality. Besides corrosion, the other reasons for pipe failure can be undersized piping or the high-velocity water flow.

However, the result is all the same: frequent leakages that require immediate “emergency” repairs. Such quick repairs are only meant to solve the problems temporarily by using clamps covering pinholes.


There is no formula for how often a piping should be changed, yet, if the building is experiencing unexpected leaks it is worth replacing the water supply system rather than frequently paying for broken or burst pipe repairs.



Firstly a new water pipe system is to be designed by a professional team of engineers in accordance with the plumbing and building codes; then the permits are pulled from the Municipal Hall. Prior to commencing the actual work, we present the schedule of works and provide an opportunity to the owners to ask questions.

We make sure that each resident is given enough time to prepare and to be ready by the time our team gets into their suite or if there is a water shut-down taking place. John G. Plumbing Inc. takes pride in providing outstanding customer service that not only includes the actual interference with the individual residents but also results in maintaining cleanliness around the job site. When the final inspections are passed, we provide all necessary paperwork to properly and smoothly maintain the newly installed piping system.


Warning Signs that Lead to Repiping

The following are some of the most common warning signs that could require repiping:

  • Low flow or low water pressure
  • Higher monthly water bill
  • Unexplained dampness on walls, floors and ceiling
  • Discolored and smelly water
  • Water stains on the sink or tub
  • Green spots on pipes
  • Reduced water pressure
  • The Water meter keeps running even when water is turned off
  • Noisy plumbing

Main Causes of Pipe Problems

The following are some of the main causes that lead to problems with a home’s piping system:

Acidic Water Flow — Acidic water or high-water flow can lead to the corrosion of copper piping and can slowly lead to broken or burst pipes, which will significantly impact the entire piping system of a residential or commercial property with pinhole leaks.

Slab Leaks — A slab leak refers to the water that leaks through the foundation. A slab leak is considered quite dangerous since the damage remains invisible to the naked eye until it’s too late. Contacting professional repiping services will pinpoint the exact location of the leaking pipe which will minimize the excavation, and as a result, the cost for the repair.

Undersized Water System — Having an undersized water system installed in a home can also lead to piping damage and could require immediate maintenance or in some cases, need to be changed. You should allow a professional plumbing service anywhere near to the piping system of your home.

Reasons to Fix Pipe Problems

The following are some of the reasons why it is so important to get leaking or broken pipes fixed as soon as possible:

  • Structural damage
  • Black Mold
  • Reduction in overall property value
  • Increased insurance costs
it is an INVESTMENT not a cost!

Why is Repiping the Best Solution?

The following are some of the advantages of getting our repiping services to fix the broken/leaking pipes in your home:

Improved Water Pressure —Once the repiping has been carried out you are going to notice a significant improvement in the water pressure of the sinks and bathtubs. The toilet will fill faster, and the shower pressure will also be improved.

Increases Home Value — Repiping your property with high-quality pipes adds a sense of security. It ensures no leaking pipes and the supply of rust-free water. All these factors ultimately increase the property value.

Cleaner Water — Having the old, slimy broken pipes removed and replaced with new pipes means you and your family get to enjoy cleaner water, and live healthier, happier lives.

Peace of Mind — Last but not least, you will have peace of mind knowing that you and your family have access to clean and healthy water.

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